Five Reasons why Cats sleep with Us

Perché il gatto dorme con noi? 5 motivi da scoprire
Your cat can’t wait to fall asleep next to you? In this article, you will find out why.
Be it in bed or on the sofa, your cat is used to sleep next to you, or on you.
There is a reason why our feline friends love to sleep next to us. Well... there are at least five. Let’s find them out!

They want to feel warm
Cats are used to laze where they feel warm. They appreciate being next to you as much as they like curled up-sleeping: physical contact produces heat, and cats love heat!

They want to feel comfortable
Soft pillows, blankets, clean towels and wardrobes: since they sleep 15 hours per day, they prefer to do it feeling warm and…comfortable! Sometimes cats sleep in unusual places, but they are expert in finding relaxing locations. Beds and sofas are the best ones, of course.

They want to feel safe
In our article “Three Cat sleeping positions” we’ve read that cats need to feel safe while sleeping. In fact, all felines are always attentive and vigilant, ready to react in case of danger.
When our four legged friends sleep soundly they are vulnerable, so the place where they sleep must be safe. The best one is next to you or on you! Your presence makes them feel relaxed and protected. Why? Because they trust you!

They want to protect you
Sometimes, cats want to feel safe. At others, they want to protect you. It’s true: sometimes cats want to give us protection by sleeping or resting next to us. They are very sensitive animals! If they think we are going through a bad time, we are stressed or sick, they are always ready to help us.

For territorial reasons
Cats are extremely territorial. For this reasons, they “let” you sleep in your bed or in your sofa, since they think the house is theirs. Even if this is a funny attitude, it has a strong meaning: it shows a solid bond between you two. In few words, your cat trusts you so much that you have the “permission” to stay in “their” place.

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