Three Cat Sleeping positions and their meaning

Three Cat Sleeping positions and their meaning
Belly up, crescent or loaf: here are the three most common Cat Sleeping positions. What do they mean? Let’s find out!
After having discussed how cat behaviour impressed scientists and scholars from all over the world, now it’s time to explore one of cats’ favourite activities: sleeping.
These pets usually sleep from 13 to 16 hours per day. Sometimes, they choose weird places like closets, drawers, washing up bowls (those for clothes!), grocery bags or laundry baskets. However, apart from where they sleep, also how they sleep (or seem to sleep) can tell us something. What do these sleeping positions reveal about their character and their feelings? Let’s find out.

1) Crescent pose
In addition to comfort, cats also adore heat. As you might have seen, they are capable of falling asleep under blankets or even near radiators and fireplaces. That’s why our feline friends love curled up positions.
It’s also called “donut pose”: paws are close to the face with the tail embracing the whole body. What for? Easy! The aim is not to disperse body heat. Indeed it’s very frequent to find cats sleeping this way in winter, due to low temperatures. This position also represents the “wild heritage” of cats: it’s very useful to protect vital organs (rotating the head near the chest preserves the abdomen). Definitely a carefree sleep! Moreover, covering their face with paws means sleeping deeply… so look but don't touch!

2) Belly up pose
This position passes on a sense of serenity. It’s undoubtedly the most relaxed one, indicating that our cat feels safe at home and next to you. In fact, our pets (including dogs) don’t love belly rubs. They’re used to cover this part, showing it to whom they trust most. Laying on their back, our four-legged friend is more vulnerable and his vital organs are well exposed. In case of danger, it would be way harder and time-consuming to run away. Sleeping belly up means calm and well-being. Don’t betray your pet’s trust, let them sleep!

3) Loaf pose
Some call it “sitting on eggs” pose, others “hovercat” pose or “turkey” pose. Actually, it’s a very curious and funny position. This pose (head erect, face-down, tucked front and back paws, half-closed/closed eyes) means that the cat is having a nap. In this way, it rests remaining vigilant, ready to react in case of disturbance. It’s a defensive position that keeps paws warm, something temporary that anticipates a longer sleep (in a different position), the awakening or a snack!

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