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Cats and dogs are family members, our life companions.
With our cats and dogs we create a unique love bond that inspires everything we do at Oasy.
We share together funny moments and tender cuddling times that make our ordinary life extraordinary.
This is the reason why our foods are prepared with utmost care: choosing the best nutrition is your best way to take care of them, every day.
Each recipe is prepared with carefully selected natural ingredients, without GMOs and soya. Cruelty-free.
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Oasy Nutrition
Each recipe is prepared with carefully selected natural ingredients, without GMOs and soya. Cruelty-free.
With Oasy you respect your pets’ carnivore nature: our foods all include plenty of meat and natural ingredients to support their wellbeing.
Besides, fresh meat is always the first ingredient of our dry foods, for maximum digestibility, nutrient intake and taste.
The exclusive F.M.I.S. – Fresh meat Injection System is based on the direct injection of fresh meat during the production process

In this way, fresh meat requires one single heat treatment before becoming a tasty kibble! With this exclusive F.M.I.S. Technology fresh meat proteins maintain an excellent biological value, fats contain less free radicals and vitamins are better preserved.

Fresh meat is originally fit for human consumption and it does not undergo any other process before being used. It is only refrigerated for “cold chain” maintenance. Thanks to this direct fresh meat injection Oasy provides utmost quality and taste.

Oasy offers a wide range of highly nourishing food for your dog, tailored to their size, age, preferences and specific requirements.

Lifestage, One Animal Protein and Grain Free Formula are our dry dog food ranges, all formulated with fresh, dehydrated and hydrolysed animal ingredients to provide a complete nutritional profile.

Besides, Oasy offers a wide range of both dog wet foods and treats, ideal as a tasty reward or also during training.

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L'amore al centro
Healthy and full of life: that's how you want your cat to be!
With Oasy you'll be ensuring their wellbeing and vitality every day.

Our products are all formulated to offer your cat the best according to their age, taste and specific needs. Dry cat Lifestage range include minimum 70% animal ingredients, of which 40% fresh meat is always the first ingredient. You can also opt for a nutrition formulated without grains, choosing our Dry Grain Free Formula range.

Besides, Oasy offers a wide range of wet foods and also treats specifically formulated for your cat. Our vegetables cat litter, plant-based and 100% biodegradable complete our cat range.

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