How to make your cat happy: three tips and facts

How to make your cat happy: three tips and facts
There are thousands of ways to make your cat happy! For a satisfying, loving cohabitation, below are three essential tips. Let’s read them together!
A cat bed, some water, regular visits to the vet and an excellent nutrition with quality food, prepared for their well-being: these are your cat’s main needs. However, you have an even greater responsibility: making your furry friend happy every day, not only on February 17th, which is National Cat Day.
That’s why you should remember our three tips and facts below, if you want to see your cat happy. Meow!

Tip 1: mutual respect is basic for happiness
It’s quite clear that cats have different individualities. They can be playful and always ready to run after each other, or they can be lazy and may sleep all day. Some cats, then, are very friendly, while others go hide when strangers are around. Furthermore, there are some cats, who don’t like to be held in arms, while others love to fall asleep on you: every cat is happy in their own way.
So, what can you do to make your pet always happy and satisfied?
The answer is easy and is valid either if you have one, or two or more cats (and mainly in this last case!): you have to respect their own nature and never force them to do something they don’t want to, especially if they are afraid or nervous about it - e.g. you shouldn’t force them to interact with you or constantly follow them: in this way, the cat may associate you to negative feelings (in fact, their memory is excellent!).
Respecting their personality, space and privacy is surely the first thing to do to make them happy!

Tip 2: fun is a big part of the game
Your cat will be delighted to often play with you, especially if you both live in a flat and they have few chances to go outside and release their predatory instinct. In fact, it’s quite important for their happiness to find activities, which are physically and mentally stimulating.
You just need to find time for yourselves every day (even a few minutes!) to play together and make your cat happy: some simple objects will certainly help you. A little stick, a pencil or a feather are all you need to entertain your cat, and you just have to move them pretending they are a running prey: seeing is believing!
You could also tie a piece of rope to a door’s handle to let them catch it or give them little paper balls, which are funny “domestic prey” to your cat’s eyes. Some cats, in fact, may be stimulated by the noise made by these objects, and can chase them for a long time. You should play with them until they are ready for well-deserved cuddles!

Tip 3: cuddles? Yes please, but the right ones (and at the right moment)
Cats love being cuddled, but at the right time (they usually “tell” when they’re ready!) and with the right attentions. This is the third, last tip you better remember.
It’s up to you to understand where your feline friends love to be pet, but there are some favourite parts common to all cats, such as behind the ears, under the chin and around the nose.
When they are standing instead, they enjoy being cuddled from the forehead to the tail following their spinal column hair growth. On the other hand, it’s usually better not to touch their tail and paws.
You could also stimulate your cats’ happiness by caressing their belly, a part that you shouldn’t touch if there isn’t any trustful relationship with them, because they could feel bothered.
In addition, petting them gently and slowly and talking to them with a calm, soft voice will certainly help.
Are you really doing a good job? Of course, if you hear your cat’s purring, nothing will make you happier!

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