How to welcome a kitten at home

How to welcome a kitten at home
A new kitten is becoming part of your family: just a few days and you will begin an amazing experience together. To live it at its best, below are some tips on how you should welcome a kitten at home.

There’s nothing more emotional: it’s the beginning of a brand new experience for you both. Day after day, in fact, you’ll get to know and love each other.
How to start “on the right paw”? Well, you should follow some easy tips to help your new kitten getting used to this new, fantastic life.

Their safe spot

For your cat’s first days of life in their new house, they may need a safe place only for them. So, you better prepare some peaceful spots to let them rest and isolate, but also a little, inviolable shelter where nobody can bother them.
A cardboard box or a cat bed can both be good solutions: what matters is that your cat should recognise it as a safe place.
If you opt for a cat carrier, just let your kitten get used to it on their own: in this way, in the future, they will be more comfortable when you bring them to the vet.

Calm first, then introductions

It’s obvious: you can’t wait to cuddle them. Anyway, at the beginning, you should try to “leave them alone”, without disturbing them while exploring their new house or sleeping.
You can introduce them to all family members once the stress of the separation from the litter and the journey to the new home is overcome and the cat is calm enough.
Again, you should be as calm as possible and you better softly talk to them: e.g. you could sit on the ground and wait until they get closer on their own free will, without forcing them in any way.

The necessary at hand

When there’s a new kitten at home, you should always make sure they can easily find some essential objects, which you should prepare before they become part of your family.
Some bowls with food and water, a litter and a cat tree: from the very first day, these are the things your cat will need.

The right nutrition

You should also pay a lot of attention to your cat’s nutrition, one of the main aspects to make them feel loved and protected.
From the early months, you better feed your kitten with the right, high quality food to support their healthy growth and a correct brain development.
So, foods with a lot of animal ingredients are among the best ones for your kitten’s carnivorous nature, thanks to their balanced, nutritional intake.
Our Oasy Dry Food Kitten Chicken, with at least 70% of animal ingredients, includes natural ingredients like citrus extract and yeast, which will surely help strengthen your cat’s already developing immune system.
You could also opt for Grain Free Formula Kitten Fish, the right choice for a grain-free nutrition, with only one source of animal proteins.
Would you like to feed them with wet food, along with kibbles? Our soft Chunks in Gravy Kitten, rich in high quality animal proteins and with the right fat intake, will support their growth day after day.
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