Playing with cats: how to entertain them

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Keep your cat's natural instinct active. Discover how to play together!
Like humans, all cats love playing because in this way they develop many of their social abilities. In addition, playing with your cat is very important to keep her hunting instinct and to correctly convey it, so that she doesn’t become aggressive. Jumps, ambushes and runs are useful to distract and entertain her and also to keep her “fit”.
It’s very important that you always use objects to stimulate and invite your cat to play, since she’s a kitten. In fact, it is important that cats never intend their owner as a prey, in order to prevent them from getting used to bite hands and feet, not even for fun.
A ball of wool, a thread or a light beaming on a wall: this is enough to keep your cat focused on the object, besides several other toys that are nowadays specifically produced to entertain our four-legged friends.

A great passion for baits and boxes

Among the “do-it-yourself” games, chasing a bait is one of the most loved. You just have to take a rope or a twine, attach an object to one end - e.g. a feather or something soft and bending - and don’t let your cat grab it. This kind of play is very useful to teach her to chase, ambush and jump: they’re typical habits of every feline. Cats also love boxes: if you forget a shoe-box, then you will probably find your cat inside. All she wnats is to find a good place to hide, and it is even better if she finds kibbles or a ball inside.
A rubber or cloth puppet or a ball of wool are toys and forms, which intrigue the feline and entertain her a lot when she comes to rolling or ambushing them.

Hunting the kibble

To amuse your cat, you can also stimulate her using food. Hiding some kibbles in a box or a crumpled sheet will give her the chance to test her predatory skills and her well-developed smell, besides raising her curiosity.

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