Cats: six Ways to show their Love

Sei modi usati dai gatti per mostrare il loro amore
How do cats show love or happiness? They do it using a series of behaviours. In this article, you will find out 6 of them.
Understanding cat’s attitude is easier than we may imagine. They are mysterious creatures but their way of communicating is easily understandable, if we focus on it. For example, when they want to show us their happiness, they act in a specific way. We identified six behaviours. Now, we’re going to explain them.

Purring means cuddling
It’s scientific: purring means cuddling. It’s an “loud caress” that benefits the cat and, at the same time, the person who “receives” this sound. In fact, for cats purring means showing affection to their human friends.

Showing their belly to be caressed
As we said in our article “Three Cat Sleeping positions and their meaning”, cats show their belly only when they trust us. Cats’ belly is the most vulnerable body part for them, and if our cat shows it (to receive a caress), this has a huge meaning: our pet trusts us.

Massaging their human friends
Kneading and massaging are the most famous ways for cats to show love. This action is often combined with purring. While kneading, cats’ front paws move rhythmically and their fingertips open and close with paws pressing on our body. Cats learn this behaviour during the lactation phase and they repeat it when they are happy, like when they were with their mum.

Keeping their tail high or twisting it around our legs
The tail, important communication tool, is also useful for the cat to show love. When it’s high, it means calmness and happiness. Moreover, if they move it around our legs, embracing us, it can be seen as a hug.

Rubbing their forehead and cheeks on us
Rubbing is a very exclusive act of love, addressed to humans whom cats love most. When our pets touch our forehead or cheeks, or when they push against our body they transmit affection using their scent marking. They consider us a family part, they recognise us. And besides, experts say this touch releases endorphins, both into us and into our cat.

Sleeping with us, on us and on our clothes
When our cat snuggles up to us or sleeps with us, it means affection. Every time your cat “asks” for contact, it’s highly significant. Especially, when they sleep with us or on us, they feel calm and happy. Even finding our cat sleeping on our clothes, our pillow or our favourite place has a great meaning: our cat’s searching for our traces and showing our affection. For this reason, it’s right to give them a treator to follow these three tips to make them happy!

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