Five Daily Activities for you and your Cat

Cinque attività da fare ogni giorno con il tuo gatto
Spending time with your cat is a good way to strengthen your bond. What you can do together? Let’s find out!
The relationship between you and your cat has to be built little by little. Together. Providing your pet quality food and a comfortable space isn’t enough. You have to give them something more precious: your time.
Spending time with them is the basis to improve and strengthen your bond.

In this article we identified five activities you can do together with your cat:

1) Playing together
Playing is important not only for dogs, but also for cats. When they play with “their humans”, this activity also strengthens relationships.
For cats playing is crucial, both in kittenhood and adulthood. It’s not only a funny moment but it also improves motor skills, keeps them fit and stimulates their mind.
Regarding games, you have plenty of choices. You can try hunting simulations, chasing or hiding. In the latter case, you can use snacks or a handful of dry pet food.

2) Cuddling and massaging
Cuddles, massages and purring are good both for you and your cat.
Spending time together cuddling in bed or on the sofa is very good for you both: your cat receives cuddles and, at the same time, your mood improves. In humans, it also helps fighting anxiety and regulates blood pressure and pulse. Moreover, cuddles are one of the best ways to make your cat happy (and also you!).

3) Having a good “chat”
According to experts, talking to your cat with a sweet voice tone can and should be done. Not only it’s a sign of affection for your cat, but it also improves communication between humans and cat worlds.
If you’re used to say simple sentences or words referring to an action, your cat will gradually recognise this sound and associate it to something they know.
For this reasons, it is a good daily activity.

4) Listening to music or reading
You won’t believe it, bur our feline friends love two human activities: listening to music and reading. The reason is simple: cats are attentive and receptive, and their hearing is excellent. That’s why listening to music or playing an instrument when they’re around is a good way to spend quality time together.
The same goes for reading with a high voice tone. Your cat will appreciate this. Can’t you believe it? Go read our article “Reading to dogs and cats helps creating a trust relationship”.

5) Sleeping together
Despite different point of view, sleeping with your cat can be as “therapeutic” as cuddling and massaging. Every time your cats “asks” for physic contact, this has a great importance, even in relax moments. It means they feel calm and safe. However, for humans, sleeping with their cat helps relaxing and strengthens trust.

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