Single-protein Nutrition: why you should choose it

alimentazione monoproteica per cani Oasy
What is single-protein nutrition? And why is it recommended in specific situations?

As we know, all dogs are different, with specific needs that we should understand and meet. Of course, there are more sensitive breeds, but many of our four-legged friends also have specific nutritional requirements due to food intolerances.

Skin problems or gastrointestinal disorders are just some of the symptoms which can occur in case of food sensitivities.

Usually it is a specific animal protein that cause sensitivity and discomfort: in this case, you should opt for single-protein foods, which contain proteins from just one animal source - not a mix of different animal proteins, as it may be for other maintenance products. In this way, you can choose animal proteins which you’re sure won’t cause any sensitivity to your dog, thus eliminating some frequent problems and contributing to improve their health.

A single-protein nutrition is suitable for all dogs, supporting in particular the wellbeing of the sensitive ones: that’s why Oasy created the dry One Animal Protein range, available for both puppies and adult dogs in two different formulations for Small/Mini or Medium/Large breeds. Oasy One Animal Protein is a premium range, specifically developed for all “pawrents” looking for high-quality and single-animal protein products. These foods are ideal for all dogs’ daily diet, meeting in particular the nutritional needs of our four legged-friends that have specific food intolerances or any sensitivities.

Oasy One Animal Protein foods are available in 5 delicious tastes: Salmon, Lamb, Pork, Rabbit and Wild Boar. ☛ DISCOVER THE RANGE

Besides dry foods, you can also choose Oasy wet One Protein Patés, including plenty of meat and formulated without gluten. ☛ DISCOVER THE RANGE

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