How to train your puppy walking on the leash

Educare il cucciolo al guinzaglio
This is what you should know when starting to walk your puppy on the leash
The leash is one of the main tools when training your puppy, but not all dogs accept it immediately. Here some tips you should keep in mind when you start walking out your four-legged friend.

Generally dogs don’t walk away from their owner; however, they could be overstimulated when outside, with the risk of getting away in a few moments if you don’t use a leash. Furthermore, keeping your dog on the leash is required by law in public places. That’s why it’s an essential tool, just like it’s essential to teach your puppy to accept. How?

You can use a common clip or buckle dog collar and remember that you should always keep a two-finger space between your puppy’s neck and the closed collar. You may also opt for a harness, choosing the most suitable one among the many options available on the market. It’s not strange if your puppy doesn’t accept collar or harness. At the beginning, try to ignore him: if he is still impatient, you can distract him using a toy, then take the collar/harness off and try again after a while, always creating a playful situation, if possible.

Once the dog will have become familiar with the new “accessory”, he will have to learn to accept being hold. At first, try to keep a hand on his back to make him feel you’re near him and keep him under control. With the other hand, hold the collar or harness. Then, take away your hand from his back and try to hold him only with the collar or harness to see how he reacts.

If he doesn’t accept you’re holding him and he resists, try to ignore him and, when he calms down, praise him with a caress and a treat or a snack. He will gradually understand you’re holding him because you don’t want him to walk away. When you will understand he’s getting used to it, it’s time to use the leash. Make him familiarize with the leash, let him smell and nibble it and if he wants to play with it, do not take it away from his mouth. If he doesn’t leave it, distract him, take the leash, hang it to the collar or harness: then, try not to move until it’s your dog to do so, to make him understand he can’t go away until it’s you who decide.
Move always carefully, without fighting him and praising him when he correctly executes your command. Now you’re ready to make the first steps in the “outside world” with your four legged friend.

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