Dog Training: Using Treats as Positive Reinforcement

Dog Training: Using Treats as Positive Reinforcement
The importance of positive reinforcement in the dog training to reward and gratify him when he behaves correctly

Good: oh wait, great! There are several occasions in which our 4 legged friend deserves a reward as positive reinforcement for behaving correctly.
For training purposes, in fact, the reward, along with calming and kind attitudes, may help the dog to understand how to behave correctly, as well as being a precious gratification time.

How to reward your dog: the importance of treats
Especially in the dog’s first training stages, treats, specifically formulated foods to reward the dog in a healthy and balanced way, are among the best rewards.
Whether you use sticks, chewy bones or biscuits, the important thing to do is to choose specific products, different from the daily feed, so that the dog won’t confuse the “reward time” with the “feeding time”.

When to reward your dog
During your dog’s training, you should reward him at the end of an action: in the initial phase do this every time he completes it with success and at regular intervals.
As a rule, you should always reward him after a positive action and never use this as a deterrent while he’s doing something negative, e.g. to make him to stop barking.

How to choose the right treat
While choosing treats, just like when selecting the nutrition for your own dog, it’s important to choose quality products, specifically formulated for his needs.
High quality ingredients, a large content of animal proteins with high biological value, the absence of artificial preservatives, colourants and flavourings: these are only some of the parameters which may help you picking out quality products for your dogs.
Oasy provides a large range of dog treats to offer healthy and tasty rewards at any time of the day: they are perfect during training, but also as delicious snacks.
Choose among the many available options - chewy bones, sticks, biscuits or snacks - the best reward for your four legged friend! Visit our website

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