Everything about Oasy Grain Free Formula for Cats and Dogs

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Discover Oasy dry Grain Free Formula foods: formulated without grains and with a single animal protein source, they also include fruits and vegetables, to offer your pets a new nutritional experience!

Our World of Love is steadily changing: we’re focused on developing new recipes, which meet your pets’ carnivore nature and promote their maximum wellbeing, to offer you four-legged friends delicious and balanced meals every day.
Oasy Grain Free Formula range has been created to promote both cats’ and dogs’ wellbeing: its products are formulated without grains and with one single animal protein source; they also include fruits and vegetables, for a new nutritional experience.

Oasy Grain Free Formula for dogs

Oasy Grain Free Formula range for dogs includes one single animal protein source and is available in four flavours: Turkey, Lamb, Fish or Pork.
All foods contain 50% animal ingredients and they’re made without grains, to guarantee high digestibility and respect dogs’ carnivore nature; they differentiate on taste and your four-legged friend’s lifestage and breed.
Thanks to the innovative Fresh Meat Injection System technology, fresh meat is directly injected during the production process, thus requiring only one heat treatment before becoming a delicious kibble, with excellent quality and taste.
Instead of beet pulp, apple is included as fibre source to promote correct digestion and provide your dog with the correct intake of soluble and insoluble fibres, which support their general digestive health.

Oasy Grain Free Formula for cats

Oasy Grain Free Formula range for cats is available in two tastes: Fish both for kittens and adult cats, and Turkey, for adult cats.
Foods are formulated without grains and include 60% Fish or Turkey as unique animal proteins source. This really high percentage is given by the use of fresh, dehydrated and hydrolysed animal ingredients, and guarantee a complete nutritional profile, besides respecting cats’ true carnivore nature. Finally, apple as alternative source of fibre provides the right fibre intake and supports correct digestion.
The exclusive Vegetal Complex is a mix of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs that provides precious antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to promote cats’ general wellbeing.
Our philosophy is always the same: according to our Natural Quality Love, our products are made using natural ingredients, without GMOs and soya and are cruelty-free. Also our focus is the same: to always create and develop new foods to best meet your four-legged friends’ needs.

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