Dry Dog Foods: Maintaining High Quality Nutrients in Fresh Meat

Dry Dog Foods: Maintaining High Quality Nutrients in Fresh Meat
Fresh meat Injection System is the exclusive technology used by Oasy for the production of their dry food: it ensures many advantages, allowing for the injection of fresh meat directly during the production process.

Besides providing many nutritional benefits, fresh meat guarantees maximum palatability and digestibility; therefore, choosing foods that include fresh meat as first ingredient is always the best choice to respect dogs’ carnivore nature.

Fresh Meat: choosing quality
Using fresh meat that is originally fit for human consumption is certainly a good hint for quality foods. Moreover, you should always check for other dehydrated or hydrolysed animal proteins reported on labels, which provide optimal nutrient intake to meet dogs’ specific needs.

Maintaining high quality nutrients in fresh meat
In order to maintain all the nutrients in fresh meat, when producing their kibbles Oasy uses the exclusive Fresh Meat Injection System Technology, which allows for the direct injection of fresh meat during the manufacturing process.
This innovative technology ensures many nutritional benefits, since fresh meat undergoes a single heat treatment before becoming a tasty kibble.
Thanks to the Fresh Meat Injection System, fresh meat in Oasy kibbles is really “fresh”: its proteins maintain high biological value, fats contain less free radicals and vitamins are better preserved.

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