Choosing Best Kibbles for Your Dog

Choosing Best Kibbles for Your Dog
Nutrition is crucial for the wellbeing of your four-legged friend: here some points you should keep in mind to choose the best dry food for them.

Dry food is very important to guarantee your dog a complete and balanced diet; but what are the best kibbles for them? Read our tips to select and choose the most appropriate food for your four-legged friend.

Fresh meat as first ingredient
To offer your dog high palatability and digestibility every day, you should choose kibbles with fresh meat as first ingredient in their composition. This guarantees an optimal nutrient intake and delicious taste, to meet the needs even of the fussiest palates.
Fresh meat is included in Oasy dry foods using the innovative Fresh Meat Injection System technology: this offers a lot of advantages compared to the use of meat meal, since fresh meat undergoes one single heat treatment before becoming a kibble.

Natural ingredients to promote your dog’s health
Natural ingredients included in dog kibbles provide many specific benefits and support dogs’ health.
Chicory, for example, is a natural source of FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) and promotes a correct digestion, brewer’s yeast is rich in B-vitamins and minerals and supports a strong immune system, while Mojave Yucca is ideal to control smelly stools.

Specific dry foods according to dogs’ lifestage
Dogs nutritional needs change during their life, so you should select and choose kibbles that are suitable for your dog’s lifestage. For the first 12 months it’s important to choose kibbles specifically formulated for puppies, which would support their growth and optimal development.
As your dog turns 1, you can switch to kibbles formulated for adults and carry on with them till they turn 6; then you can opt for kibbles specifically prepared for senior dogs.

Different breeds, different kibbles
Another point you should consider when choosing dry foods for your dog is kibble nutritional profile, which changes according to dogs’ breed.
A small breed dog, in fact, has different needs compared to a medium, large or giant breed one. Besides considering dog’s lifestage, it is therefore important to take your dog’s breed into account, in order to meet their nutritional needs and provide them with the right energy and nutrients amounts to keep them active and lively.

No soya, GMOs or artificial colourants and preservatives
In order to check kibbles quality, when reading labels you should make sure that some ingredients are “missing”: in fact, good, natural dog kibbles should not include soya, GMOs or any artificial colourants or preservatives.

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