How to take care of your cat in Winter

How to take care of your cat in Winter
During the cold season, cats need more attention and protection: for this reason, below are some tips for your cat’s well-being.
Temperatures are dropping, light hours are decreasing and the nature around us is changing: it’s Winter time, the cold season that comes just before spring’s beautiful colours. When season changes, just like us, cats feel some effects: they usually change their habits and sleep for more hours.
What about you? What should you do to protect your cat from the coldest temperatures and to make them feel relaxed? Let’s find out together!

Tip 1: Coat’s shedding keeps going. Let’s take care of it!

Cats are autonomous, curious animals. They love to wander and don’t care about bad weather. In fact, as soon as Autumn begins, they start getting ready to the different winter conditions by changing their fresh, summer coat with the winter one, which is warmer and softer.
It’s quite easy to cope with this transitional phase: we talked about it in the pet news “Helping your cat with their autumn shedding”. In a nutshell? You just need to frequently brush them, keep some catnip available and be careful to possible hairballs formation - in this case you can feed your cat with Oasy Hairball Chicken!).

Tip 2: A warm, comforting place? Every cat’s dream.

If your cat is used to staying indoor, they will change their habits a little bit. In fact, during Winter, they could sleep up to twenty hours per day! Why? Because poor day light facilitates their frequent naps, just like for us humans.
Should your cat be used to going out, they would probably have less and shorter walkies in the period from December to March. Anyway, you should always keep an eye on the time they spend outside and let them come back home whenever they want. Besides, make sure to prepare them a comfortable place away from the rain. Therefore, your pet won’t catch any cold or sickness!
Even cats, who are used to wandering in back gardens or nearby, need a warm and quiet place. So, whether your cat often goes outside or not, the best thing you can do is to prepare a comfortable cat bed and place it near (but not too much!) heat sources. Moreover, your cat will surely love some extra soft blankets too!

Tip 3: Nutrition? Always a good partner

A complete, balanced nutrition, in line with your cat’s habits and needs, always makes a big difference to keep your cat in good health. Oasy products for cats support well-being and vitality for all cats every day, even when temperatures start dropping. Then, when your pet gets back home from a long, winter walk, you can surprise them with one of our tasty Oasy snacks. It will be a delicious moment!

Tip 4: Small steps to help everyone

Cats without a family have a tougher time to pass winter. With easy, loving actions you can take care of them too! How? If you have old blankets, sheets and pills you don’t use anymore, you can get in touch with the cattery or feline colonies in your area: you could also create small, dry places and provide cats with objects you don’t need anymore. In any case, you should try to reach out to qualified staff, which will do their best to help you, even in this occasion.

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