Introducing your new kitten to your cat: three useful tips

Introducing your new kitten to your cat: three useful tips
A new kitten is finally part of your family, but what may happen if you already have another cat? Below are three practical tips, which will help you manage their cohabitation during the first weeks.
Living with a cat is a wonderful experience: there is cuddling, their daily life and something new happens every day. In another pet news we talked about How to welcome a kitten at home: now, what should you do if you already have a cat and you want to enlarge your cat family?
If you already have a cat, you may reasonably be skeptical about taking a second one: you may be afraid to ruin the relationship you have built year after year with your first cat or you may think that the two pets could not get along well. Actually, considering that cats (especially domestic cats) love to be in company, if you turn this dream into reality, it will be such an amazing experience. However, to create a perfect cat family, you will certainly need the tips and tricks below!

Tip 1: Patience, patience, patience
Patience is a virtue: this is a fact, especially when your new kitten is meeting your older cat at home. It may be quite difficult for you to be patient and have trust, but this time… there’s nothing more important than that!
Cats are extremely territorial and, at the beginning, they won’t be pleased with someone new invading their space. For this reason, just be patient and remember: it takes time to build a strong relationship. After all, it’s the same for us!
So, we suggest you to respect times and attitudes of both cats. In a nutshell, you should avoid:
  • forcing them to socialise (for example by holding one cat and moving closer to the other);
  • scolding them if they don’t socialise or one of them spit to the other;
  • panicking or getting angry (always remember that animals can understand our mood really well!) if your pets are taking their time to know each other or don’t do what you like them to.
What’s next? Just keep going step by step, as you can see in the following tip.

Tip 2: Slowly promote cat contact
You should have got it: do not force your cats to socialise. In fact, they need to know and get used to each other, and this should happen gradually.
At the beginning, the two four-legged friends should stay in different rooms; the kitten, in particular, needs a quiet space to get familiar with the new atmosphere. Besides, don’t forget to prepare a litter box for them, the right food for their needs and some water.
Always keep in mind: kitten’s space should never be in the same room as your other cat’s, otherwise the kitten could get confused!
Second step: smell works! You only have to exchange their cat beds over days, together with blankets and pills where they slept. At mealtime, it’s a good idea to feed them near the door that separates their spaces: in this way, they could associate each other’s presence with something very pleasant.
After a few days, it’s time for them to meet: you can put your kitten in a cat carrier and open the door between the two cats’ rooms, letting your older cat to smell and approach to the new kitten. At last, the two cats will begin to know each other on their own.
What about timing? Well, it’s always different, depending on individual cases and cats’ personalities. Some cats take only a week to become friends, while others may need a month or even more. Don’t worry if they spit at each other quite often at the beginning: you just have to be neutral, without caressing or scolding them. They will slowly get used to each other’s presence, and who knows: someday you may find them sleeping together!

Tip 3: Reassuring your older cat
When the two cats meet, there is something important you should always remember: kitten is not the only one there. In fact, while the new kitten quickly gets used to their new location, your older cat still needs your love.
So, don’t forget about them, even with your new kitten at home. Giving your cat a snack after some playtime - maybe one of the brand new Oasy Creamy Snack! - will let them understand they won’t be replaced by anybody else, but that they will have a new friend to play with.
At the same time, make sure your cat’s habits do not change: do not modify their mealtime or places where they sleep or hide. Moreover, if the residing cat wants to isolate for a few days, let them do it. As you read above: you need time and patience to build a new love!

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