How to Protect Our Pets from Heat

Come proteggere gli animali dal caldo
Our four-legged friends do not tolerate heat – with some tips, we can help them dealing with it.
While temperatures are reaching their peak, it’s important to protect our four-legged friends from heat.
Unlike humans, dogs don’t lose heat from their skin (they do not sweat!), but only from their tongue and footpads. In these suffocating days, it’s normal for them to have their tongues out and breathe a little heavier than usual.
We suggest a few tips to help our four-legged friends tolerate heat a little bit better.

A fresh place
To protect them better from heat, be sure that there’s always some fresh places both for your cats and dogs: it should be a ventilated area in the shade, where they can rest for some refreshment against the Summer heat.

Walkies are ok, but only in fresh areas
You should not give up regenerating walks with your four-legged friend. However, in order to avoid burning their footpads or increasing their body temperature excessively, you’d rather take your dog for a walk in a lawn rather than on street asphalt or other particularly hot surfaces. You should also remember: no walkies during the day, but in the early morning or after dinner. Another good practice is to bring with you a bowl and a water bottle to let them drink frequently.

Do not leave them in your car
Never keep your four-legged friend in closed and poorly ventilated spaces and, obviously, never leave them in your car, especially in Summer.

Always leave them fresh water
A bowl of fresh water should always be available for cats and dogs. If it’s not possible to change it very often, you can add some ice-cubes to water to keep optimal temperature, but be careful not to freeze it.

With these useful tips you’ll certainly help your four-legged friends to better tolerate heat! Do you have any others to add? Share them on our Facebook community.

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