Useful Tips for Your Beach Holiday with Your Dog

Useful Tips for Your Beach Holiday with Your Dog
Time for holidays: discover our tips to enjoy your time at the beach with your four-legged friend!

Going on holiday with your dog is a great experience: a good chance to spend time together and break daily routine up.
However, if you opt for beach holidays, there a few things you should remember to ensure the wellbeing of your furry friend.

1. Choose your beach

First of all, you should choose a dog beach, which is well-equipped and meet the needs of your four-legged friend: if possible, a quiet, separate area is always a good choice, so that your dog won’t be annoyed by too much confusion.

2. Fresh water should always be available

Drinking is essential for your dog, so do remember to take a bowl and fill in with fresh water. They will use it whenever they need.

3. A (shadowy) room of their own

It is important for dogs to have a shadowy place where they can rest. If you opt for a public beach, you should take a beach umbrella or a tent to create a small shady area where they can relax.

4. What about a swim in the sea?

Dogs do not always like water, so it’s important you respect their inclination and do not force them to swim (never try to push them directly into the sea!). The best thing you can do is to get gradually into the sea with them, starting where water is warm and not too deep. As soon as water gets deeper and your dog can’t touch the seabed anymore, remember to cuddle and praise them, so they will feel supported and confident in facing this new challenge. Besides, you should always be careful when swimming with your dog: in case of needs, you must be ready to help them.
After your swim – or, at least, when you leave the beach – wash your dog’s coat with fresh water, in order to avoid hitching or any other skin irritation.

Following these easy tips, we’re sure you’ll have a great beach holiday with your four-legged friend. If you have further suggestions, share them on our FB Community Oasy World Of Love


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