Helping Your Dog with Their Spring Shedding

Helping Your Dog with Their Spring Shedding
Spring is coming, and our four-legged friends start shedding their coat. Read our tips to deal with dogs’ physiological Spring shedding at best.

When living with dogs, you immediately realise spring is coming, since your four-legged friend start their coat shedding. Between April and May, in fact, dogs usually shed their thick, winter coat to adapt to Spring warmer temperatures.
Dog Spring shedding lasts 3 - 4 weeks on average, with variations according to dog’s breed and lifestyle, e.g. if they live outdoor or indoor.
It’s something natural for them, but with some easy tips you can help your four-legged friend to better cope with their shedding.

Brush them often

Hairbrush is the best way to promote coat natural shedding. If the “old” coat doesn’t get properly removed, in fact, a layer of “dead” hair may create, causing discomfort and pain to your dog besides being unaesthetic.
If you have a short-haired dog, you should brush them every two days, while long-haired dogs need to be brushed daily.
It’s important you also use a specific hairbrush: you can ask your groomer for useful advice.
After brushing, you can massage your dog’s coat with a soft, wet cloth, in order to soothe skin and avoid itch and irritation.

A relaxing bath

Also a good, relaxing bath can help your dog during their Spring shedding. Instead of taking them to a specialised grooming centre, you can decide to bath your four-legged friend at home: in this case, remember to carefully brush them before bathing, removing dead hair and mats.
Then wash them with warm water, applying a suitable shampoo for their skin and massaging foam all over their body.
It’s certainly a tender cuddle moment for your four-legged friend, which will end up clean, refreshed and relaxed.

Be careful to nutrition

Nutrition is always important: during Spring shedding in particular, be sure to choose foods that promote healthy skin and coat.
Oasy One Animal Protein range guarantees a balanced intake of Omega 6 and -3 fatty acids, which are important to support coat regeneration and skin integrity.
Finally do remember: dogs’ Spring shedding is a natural, physiological moment, but, keeping in mind some easy tricks, you can help your dog at best.

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