How to make your Dog relax: four Tips

Quattro modi per far rilassare un cane
When your dog is anxious and unquiet you’ll have to understand the reasons, of course. However, you will also need to be empathic, sympathetic and to use some tricks.
Our four-legged friend, sometimes, could feel more stressed than usual. The reasons could be multiple. First of all, you have to understand the problem, focusing on their behaviour and on habit changes.
Then, you could use some simple strategies to help them relax. In this article you will understand what happens when your dog’s anxious and how to face this situation.

How to understand when your dog’s unquiet

Understanding how your dog feels can be hard sometimes. Since they’re not tangible, emotions are difficult to interpret.
However, if your relationship is based on trust and you know each other a series of signals will make you understand if your dog’s anxious. Unusual behaviour, agitation, hypersensitivity, and tense muscles are common warning signs.
Reasons and situations causing this feeling could be countless: fear of noises, new situations and contexts, “unknown visitors” in their house, excessive energy or even their incapability to calm down after an exciting moment.
First of all, you need to understand why your dog shows stress and agitation. Then, to make them relax, try these tips. It’s important to remember that every dog and every situation are different and unique.For this reason, be careful because these tips are not “universally valid”. Actually, if stress and agitation persist, you should contact a professional.

How to make your dog relax: four tips

  1. Don’t forget the essentials: a quiet place and a correct diet
    To keep your dog calm, you have to give them the essentials, which means a safe place and balanced diet, besides empathy and love. Chaos, noises, yelling and fighting aren’t good for humans. Do you think it could be good for a dog? Absolutely not!
    Don’t forget to provide a "relax corner" and a correct and quality diet according to their age, weight, body condition and health. Sometimes, nervousness and hyperactivity depend on an improper diet or a food intolerance.
  2. Walk your dog
    Certain breeds, such as Border Collie, need to move to manage their vitality and energy, especially if they live in small environments or they are left home for hours.
    Walking your dog, così come non dimenticare together with playing, is a good way to release stress due to a lack of physical activity. This is the same for us, indeed we do sport to let off steam at the end of the day.
    During the walk, letting them explore and smell the environment can help them focusing and getting distracted from bad vibes.
  3. Give them something to chew
    Another way to make your dog relax is giving them a chewy bone to meet their chewing needs and to support the health of their teeth and gums.
    Chewy snacks can help them calm down, since chewing produces endocrinal substances which make the dog relax.
  4. Cuddle and caress them
    Cuddling your dog, as the article “Cuddling your dog: where to pet them to make them happy” says, promotes serenity. This is a real remedy against stress.. Do you know why? Because they stimulates oxytocin and endorphins production. This goes for both of you. In fact, if you are calm, even your dog will be!