How to educate an adult Dog : three recommended Exercises

Educare un cane adulto: tre esercizi consigliati
Is it possible to teach an adult dog rules and commands? How? Find it out in our article!
Can I educate an adult dog? This is a very common question among pet owners. The answer is yes; just like humans, dogs can learn new rules or unlearn bad habits in adulthood. Actually, sometimes puppyhood education can be easily forgotten, if not practiced in everyday life.

Now, we’re going to show you three exercises to teach your dog basic commands. However, these are not general rules (since pets have different characters and backgrounds) and relying on a trainer would be a good idea (this professional could help improving the correct bond between pet-pet owner). By the way, you can try these exercises arming yourself with patience and some snacks. As Latins said, “repetita iuvant”, that means repeating things is useful! Each exercise requires repetitions and patience, but being constant and coherent will give good results.

How to teach your dog not to pull on the leash
Walking your pet is a good opportunity to reinforce your relationship. However, if your dog is used to pull on the leash, you need to work on this habit.
The first thing to do is stop and wait your dog to come back to you. If they start again pulling on the leash, you have to stop again. Their place is next to you, and they need to understand it this way!
Otherwise, if your pet doesn’t stop pulling on the leash despite sound and words, try this exercise: hide a little dog treat in your free-hand. Your dog has to smell that you have something for them (by sniffing your fist) and you need to use your gaze and the hidden treat as a magnet, keeping a medium-length leash. After noticing your dog has stayed next to you for a while, give them the treat they were craving for. You have to repeat this exercise for all the walk, playing and extra cuddling them in free moments to show them they were good. This will teach your dog that treats will come only if they follow your pace.

How to teach your dog to sit down
Even when it comes to teaching your dog to sit down, a snack (such as a small treat) would be very useful.
Here’s how to do it: place the treat in front of your pet and move your hand upwards. If they try to jump, close it. Little by little, after several tries, your dog will sit down to figure out how to reach or catch the treat from your hand. In few words, the sitting position will come naturally. Now you can pronounce the command “sit” and give him the long-awaited reward! Clearly, repeating the exercise saying “sit” at the right time will make your dog correctly understand the association between the position and the command.

How to teach your dog to lie down
The steps you learned to make your dog sit could be the starting point for the “lie down” command.
In this exercise, the treat will be placed in front of your dog’s nose. In this way, you will be able to lower your hand, followed by your dog’s face. When their belly touches the ground, you will pronounce the “lie down” command and give them the treat! Again, repeating the exercise will consolidate the rule, giving the right meaning association.

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