Dog at work with you: three things to know

Portare il cane al lavoro con te: tre cose da sapere
Your dog at work with you? Why not, if possible. Among different regulations and tips, below are three things you should know before bringing your dog to the office with you.
School, gym, work: September has arrived, and it’s time to restart the usual daily routine. In England, where the “Take Your Dog To Work Day” is already a thing, it’s quite common for owners to bring dogs or little pets in shops or commercial activities - for example in beauty salons, pet shops or book shops. Today, companies and offices as well are frequently asked to be more pet friendly.
In fact, over the last few years, smart working has proved that keeping your pet near you may be good for your well-being and it improves of course the relationship between you and your pet. However, what’s the current situation in Italy? Can you bring your dog at work with you? Are there any information to follow? Let’s find it out in this pet news.

1) Your dog at work with you? It’s possible
At this time, in Italy, there aren’t any specific rules about pets’ presence in workplaces. However, this doesn’t allow you to bring your dog whenever you want in the company. In fact, taking your pet in particular or dangerous workplaces is forbidden: it’s the same for hospitals, with the exception of pet therapy. Moreover, your four-legged friend can’t come to work with you, if company rules don’t allow it. No matter what: if you break the rules, you are liable to disciplinary procedure.
In any case, even where dogs are accepted, you should know if you have to keep them near your desk – most often on the leash – or inside appropriate “pet rooms”. Even when your company allows them, dogs usually can’t enter dining, meeting rooms and bathrooms.

2) A bit of consideration before going to the office
Assuming that you can take your dog at work with you, you surely need to comply with some safety, common sense rules:
  • First of all, you should know your colleagues’ thoughts: your dog, in fact, should be accepted by everyone. For example: be careful to people’s allergy to pet’s hair or to those who are afraid of dogs!
  • Then, your dog should always obey and respond to simple commands like “Sit down” and “Stop”. Depending on the company, in fact, you aren’t obliged to use a leash or a muzzle: you just have to keep a close eye on your pet’s behaviour to avoid disturbing colleagues.
  • If other colleagues want to bring their own four-legged friend at work too, you should always make sure that the two pets get along with each other.
  • In general, always remember that your workplace is new for your dog. Therefore, you should provide safety for your dog and keep dangerous and interesting objects away from them. If your pet is free to walk around, you and your colleagues should remember that dogs may be intrigued by bags - lunch ones and others!
  • Last two, very important tips: during your working day, breaks are essential, especially for walking your dog outdoor - if possible. Moreover, keep an eye on any signs of sickness: if they excessively start wheezing, licking their lips or yawning, shivering and curling up, they could be in trouble and in need of your help.

3) A few objects from home to create a familiar environment
Creating a familiar environment in your working place can improve your dog’s well-being and calmness.
That’s why you better have a list of necessary objects in mind to bring with you from home.
Below are some things you shouldn’t forget when you take your dog at work with you.
  • A water bowl and some of their usual food.
  • Their favourite toys and blanket, to make them feel like at home.
  • Hygienic bags for defecation, in order to avoid every inconvenience.
  • First aid kit for emergencies and medicines – if they suffer from particular pathologies.
  • Extra leash and health card.
  • Snacks, to prize them when they deserve it.

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