Christmas Time with Your Pets: Make Your Own Paw-proof Christmas Tree

Christmas Time with Your Pets: Make Your Own Paw-proof Christmas Tree
Useful advice for your pet-safe Christmas tree.

Shining lights, balls and garlands: Christmas tree is always a great attraction for our four-legged friends, which tend to confuse it for their new and exciting playground. However, this new playground is often also quite dangerous.
Following some tips you can make your paw-proof Christmas tree!

Hook the tree to the ceiling
The first step to have a safe Christmas tree is to avoid overturning. A useful trick is to hook the tree to the ceiling, so that your pets cannot reach it, or, alternatively, you should choose a tree with a very large base.

No glass decorations
Choosing decorations made of unbreakable materials such as wood, felt or plastic is always the best choice. Besides, remember to place balls on the highest branches.

Cover light wires with a protection tube
Chewing wires is the greatest temptation. To avoid it, you can cover wires with tubes in order to protect your pets from electric shock.

Hide gifts
Gifts and colorful packs with all their shining bows are really appealing for your four-legged friends, so it’s better not place them under the tree.
Choose for them higher positions or, even better, lock them in a wardrobe until Christmas Day.

These are only some easy tips to make a paw-proof Christmas tree. Do you have any others? Let us know in our Oasy World of Love community on Facebook.

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