Newfoundland dog: what you should know

Newfoundland dog: what you should know
Their look is impressive and they are very kind, affectionate pets: the Newfoundland dog is one of the most beloved dog breeds. Let’s find out more together talking with a trusted breeder.
Also known as “friendly giant”, you can easily notice them: in fact, they are large size – an adult male can weigh up to 70 kg –, thick-haired dogs, whose coat can be black, brown or black and white. Newfoundlands have both an easily recognisable look and a good tempered character, which make them famed dogs. They are friendly with both strangers and other animals, including dogs, and are perfect for family life. The Newfoundland dog is not only docile and tame, but also particularly intelligent and affectionate, an ideal partner for both kids and adults.

Giuliana Vannicola, from the breeding “G&G Black Flower” in Saludecio (RN) explained more in depth some important characteristics about this breed.

For how many years have you been breeding Newfoundlands? Why did you choose this breed?
It was love at first sight: 25 years ago, at the Dog Expo in Morciano di Romagna, my husband and I fell in love with a Newfoundland dog from Riccione. It was impossible to resist! It was our first Newfoundland dog and we named her Cleopatra: despite she never had puppies, she won a lot of competitions.
For this reason, we decided to attend different contests both in Italy and abroad and to take two more Newfoundlands: another female and a male. Comanci, the male, won many awards and became Italian Champion too.
We asked for help from a Newfoundlands’ expert in Reggio Emilia, who, at the time, worked in one of the biggest Newfoundlands’ breeding in Europe. We kept on working: when we reached minimum number of litters, we made official request for our ENCI number.

Can you describe us your breeding philosophy?
Our breeding is a small one: we pay utmost attention to our litters and we are very careful when selecting dogs for mating.
In our breeding, every dog is part of our family: it should be the same with future families too, where Newfoundlands should be welcomed with much love.

We always try to provide our puppies a happy and healthy life. Parent dogs undergo regular vet check to prevent any possible issue, e.g. any problems for joints like elbows and hips. In addition, when dogs are one year old, they undergo heart checks too, as well as further investigations for the cystinuria – if parents are carrier. Puppies can leave the breeding after a complete veterinary visit, with all vaccines, microchip and testicles – for male puppies - checks.

Who would be the perfect Newfoundland’s owner? What should you know, if you want to get one?
Kindness is an important part of Newfoundlands’ character: in my opinion, they’re the kindest dogs ever! Many people believe that they are stubborn: it’s simply not true or, at least, my Newfoundlands always listen to me. Of course, training is essential: in particular, males should be trained since they’re puppies, to get them used to listening and obeying your main commands. Anyway, they haven’t dominance problems.

They are perfect dogs for family life and kids too, although they need an outdoor space because of their large size and drooling. Moreover, they can stay alone for several hours, but they need a strong, constant relationship with their owner through time.

As for life habits, considering their typical laziness, Newfoundlands don’t need hours-long walks: still some exercise is important, so that they can keep good health conditions. Newfoundlands can also be trained as rescue dogs: in this case it would be a good idea to train them near a see, lake or river. However, you must avoid long, difficult hours of hiking or steep stairs.

Then, you should brush their hair daily to eliminate undercoat and avoid hair knots formation. During Winter and with humidity, Newfoundlands are prone to dermatitis: if this is the case, I highly recommend you treatments with mercury and Oasy one-protein nutrition. Should temperatures be really warm, you better wet your Newfoundland quite often or let them rest on cool floors.

How important is a correct nutrition for Newfoundlands’ health? What benefits did you find by using Oasy? How do you feed your Newfoundlands?
A correct nutrition is very important because, as I said before, they suffer from dermatitis: so pork, lamb and salmon are better choices instead of chicken. Skin sensitivities and weight control are the two most important aspects to keep an eye on: besides choosing one-protein nutrition as I do - I use Oasy One Animal Protein Pork for my dogs, you should be careful to feed correct amounts, especially considering that Newfoundlands aren’t so active. I always weigh the dose for all my dogs.

Would you like to get in touch with the breeding “G&G Black Flower”? Here’s where to find it:

Via Santa Maria del Monte, 399
47835 Saludecio RN

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