English Toy Terrier: an ancient Breed to discover

English Toy Terrier: an ancient Breed to discover
A combination of energy and strong character, very common in England in 19th century but almost unknown in Italy. Let’s find out more about the English Toy Terrier.
English Toy Terrier breed is ancient but quite uncommon in Italy. Originally used in England as a rat hunter, this breed became a pet, very suitable to family life thanks to their playful and sociable attitude. They are extra-small size, slim and compact. Their bodies are very proportioned and elegant, making them similar to Zwergpinscher but even smaller. They have a shiny, deep black ebony coat, with hazelnut-coloured markings and pricked ears.

Let’s discover more about this breed with Angelo Sartori from the breeding farm “Black Idol Kennel” in Coriano (province of Rimini).

When did you start breeding English Toy and why did you choose this breed?
It was a very hard decision. Since we also bred Manchester Terrier, English Toy’s ancestors, we decided to combine also the second ones, as many other Manchester Terrier breeders from all over the world do. At the beginning we didn’t find the right English Toy sample to start with. Everything changed when we fell for the perfect one in a dog show in England. Soon, we had an English Toy puppy.

What’s your breeding farm mind set?
Our breeding farm aims to improve dogs’ genetics and wellbeing. When it comes to the breeds we raise (English Terrier, Manchester Terrier and Cairn) we care both for litters and new owners. We always get puppies tested for hereditary diseases, in order to guarantee correct breeding and ensure a healthy life.

Who’s the perfect English Toy owner? What to know about this breed?
This breed doesn’t require particular attention and, since they are small size, they’re also very easy to take care of. They are sweet but strong and brave. They learn rules and commands very quickly: English Toy just need a basic and coherent education, taught with a controlled voice tone. In this way, living together will be good and happy. Being a Terrier, they need to focus on a leader. Otherwise, they will take this position.

As regards cleaning an English Toy, they are short haired without undercoat. This means extreme cleanliness and good smell also in case of wet hair. Because of their undercoat absence, they can’t stand cold temperatures very well, so you’d better go for a little coat in Winter. Due to this coat peculiarity, this breed is considered hypoallergenic.

How important is a good nutrition for English Toy’s health? Which benefits did you notice with “Oasy” brand? Which product do you use?
Of course, a good and appropriate diet allows the dog, especially in puppyhood, to correctly develop muscles and bones. In particular for puppies, the food must be balance to make them grow gradually, without gaining weight too quickly. Oasy One Animal Protein is the answer. This is the perfect food for both adults and puppies. In this way, the latter especially can grow well with no need for further integrations.

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Would you like to get in touch with the breeding "Balck idol Kennel"? Here’s where to find it:

Via Il Giardino 7
47853 Coriano RN
EMAIL blackidolk@gmail.com

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