Hypoallergenic Cat: What You Need to Know and What You Should Do if You're Allergic

Gatto anallergico: Cosa bisogna sapere
You have been wishing for a cat but, unfortunately, you belong to that 10% of world population that is allergic? Here are some useful information.

Certainly, this is the first question you asked yourself: are there any hypoallergenic cat’s breeds? Well yes! However, there are also some other points to clarify, so that you can better clear your head.

First of all, it’s important for you to know that allergy isn’t caused by cats’ coat itself, but by protein Fel D1, which is released by cats’ saliva, skin, urine or even coat; therefore, there aren’t cats which are completely “non-allergenic”. However, some specific breeds produce and release very small quantities of protein Fel D1, so an allergic person will show less symptoms, both in quantity and intensity, if they opt for an hypoallergenic cat.

Breeds and characteristics

Siberian, Norwegian forest, Devon rex, and Bengal cat: these are just some of the cats’ breeds, which release less quantity of Fel D1 and so, they’re known as “hypoallergenic”.
In particular, it is important to note that neutered cats cause less reactions to allergic people, because they produce less testosterone, which is directly connected to the production of protein Fel D1.

Similar to that is what happens to sterilized female cats: decreasing the production of progesterone, whose amount is higher during ovulation and gestation, the production of protein Fel D1 decreases accordingly.
Then, if you are allergic, it would be better for you to check your physical response to the presence of one or more hypoallergenic cats: that’s why it is highly recommended you go to a breeding where hypoallergenic cats are raised, and check any possible allergic reaction.

Further advice

If you’re allergic to protein Fel D1, there are also some last precautions you should take in your house: first of all, in order to avoid the accumulation of coat on surfaces, it would be better for you to eliminate carpets; then it’s strongly recommended you leave some activities like litter cleaning and brushing of your cat to a person who’s not allergic.

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