Mountain hiking with your dog: four tips

Gita in montagna con il cane: quatto consigli utili
Mountains are a perfect destination both for humans and for dogs, but planning a travel requires preparation. Now, we are going to tell you what to do and what to bring.
With their rocky peaks, their meadows and their nature, mountains are amazing. At the same time, they are perfect for walking, hiking and spending holidays with your dog. In fact, you can easily find dogs on your mountain path.
So, get ready!

1) Choose the right activities to do

Before taking your dog to the mountains, make sure you adapted the activities to their health conditions, features and character. A senior dog has a different resistance compared to a trained adult dog. First of all, you can ask your vet if your dog’s breed has particular needs.
Then, you must know which paths or areas to choose. In fact, dog access could be restricted because of pastures or specific rules, especially in protected areas.

2) Don’t forget the leash

In Italy, dogs must be on a leash when in public spaces. Speaking about mountain areas, regulations are more complex since every town or park has their own rules. When in doubt, keep your dog on a leash even if it is not compulsory. We must do this to protect other vacationers, dogs and wildlife. When you leave your dog off the leash (if possible), you must be sure they are obedient even if there are other dogs or wild animals.

3) Prepare your dog gradually

We couldn’t face a climb without preparation. In the same way, also dogs need to be trained for new activities.
You can start from short and easy walks and then gradually increase length and difficulty. Proceeding little by little is the right thing to do in your first excursion together.

4) Prepare your backpack

If you go on a mountain holiday, you have to pack your rucksack, in addition to bringing a leash and a harness (it is safer than a collar, if your dog slips). Here are the essentials:
  • Water and a bowl/bottle, since water sources may be absent.
  • Pet-food, preferably dry and some snacks to give to your dog during the day.
  • Dog waste bags, to keep paths clean just as you found them.
  • A muzzle. It could be compulsory in some places, such as in huts.
  • Your dog’s tag, to make it easy to contact you if they get lost.
  • A small first-aid kit with clamps, disinfectant spray, flea repellent and bandages.

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