You and your dog on the snow? Here are some tips to remember

You and your dog on the snow? Here are some tips to remember
Would you like to have a funny, safe walk on the snow with your pet? Read below for some important tips and also always remember to be very careful!
Snow is something magic, which always fascinates and surprises both kids and adults.
It’s the same for our four-legged friends, who are always really amazed when in front of this white, soft mantle. Dogs indeed love the snow and so, just like kids, can’t wait to go exploring, playing, rolling around and running.
However, there are a few useful things you better know before enjoying your time on the snow with your pet. Which ones? Let’s find out together, considering three following tips!

First thing first: should you bring your dog on the snow?
Your city has been covered by a soft snow mantle, or you are enjoying your mountain holiday with your pet and you ask first: should I bring my dog out in the snow?
There are no real cons; however, harsh winter climate and snow may not always be suitable for every dog. An example? A big size dog, who is used to living at home, might have some trouble with cold weather; since they could not have developed the body changes required for the winter season, like thickening their hair or increasing their weight.
Tiny dogs will have the same problem, since they cannot cope with low temperatures well. The best thing to do is proceeding step by step, starting with a few minutes outside and progressively increasing them.
And then? Follow our three useful tips below!

Tip 1: Keep an eye on them!
Besides longer and longer walks to train your dog to the winter cold, you should always keep an eye on them.
You know that dogs tend to run and move, and in the snow it’s very easy for them to get lost or to lose both your and their olfactive traces.
Always remember to use the leash, especially if your furry friend does not always listen to you.

Tip 2: Eating snow and ice? Better not!
Snow could be really appetising for our four-legged friends! It’s no coincidence that you might see your puppy wanting to eat it. However, it’s not a good idea, just like when we try to drink something too cold. First of all, snow cold temperature might cause some problems to their intestine; secondly snow and ice aren’t entirely unpolluted: they can actually be dirty and indigestible for our pet!

Tip 3: Some brushing and cuddling after each walk
There could be a little bit of snow and ice on your pet’s coat after your walk: that’s why you should always spend some time to dry and brush them carefully.
These cuddling gestures would not only make your pet’s coat clean, but also help stimulate their blood circulation.
Take a look at your dog’s paw pads too, which may not be so used to snow and ice. A soft cloth is everything you need to dry and clean their paws, which may have got any dirt, salt or antifreeze scattered on the road.

What is next then? It’s time for a positive and rewarding moment with Oasy snacks for dogs.

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