Cat products line

Wet food

Oasy wet range of delicious cat foods offers different product lines, containing high quality ingredients to satisfy the nutritional needs of cats with a unique taste. 
Oasy More Love, a natural meal for your cat with irresistible flavours and extraordinary quality.
Thanks to its texture, Oasy Delicatesse fine paté and creamy soufflé are perfect even for the pickiest cats.
Specialità Naturali are genuine and natural foods with a high content of meat and fish.
Gustosa Mousse is a line of complete wet food with a delicate and soft texture.
Chunks in gravy, complete pet foods in delicious gravy that match with Oasy dry cat formulas. 
Tasty Paté, Complete pet food with lots of animal protein, formulated without cereals to give your four-legged friend a special meal with a great taste every day. 
Choose the right combination for your cat or kitten!


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