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Natural Wet Petfood for Cats

MORE LOVE • Chicken with Pumpkin

Complementary Pet Food for Adult Cats
Suitable for
Adult cats
Available in
70 g
Natural Quality Love GMOs and Soya Free - Cruelty Free

Tasty chicken strips with pumpkin prepared in natural gravy and without any artificial colourants, flavourings or preservatives. A real natural delicacy, to guarantee your cat an irreristible meal!

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Gluten Free Formula
Gluten Free Formula Formulated without gluten


chicken 60%, pumpkin 5%, rice 1%, natural flavouring 1%, modified tapioca starch 0.83%.


crude protein 16.42%, crude fat 0.39%, crude fibres 0.03%, crude ash 0.5%, moisture 79.75%. NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURANTS, FLAVOURINGS OR PRESERVATIVES.

Feeding Recommendations
Feed at room temperature. Always make sure your cat has access to clean, fresh water. Use in combination with a complete pet food.

Suggested feeding amounts
Weight of cat (Kg) Cups per day
3-4 2
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Natural Quality Love
Natural Quality Love
In Oasy World our four-legged friends are always surrounded with love.
Our products are:

  • prepared with selected natural ingredients
  • formulated without any artificial colourants
  • formulated without GMOs and soya
  • Cruelty free
Pet news
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Using microchips for cats is a good way to protect them, especially if they’re used to go outside and sometimes get away from home.
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